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Although you website is important and over 80% of buyers report checking a business’s website before making a buying decision, it isn’t the only tool people use when evaluating a purchase. In fact, according to Google, it takes generally about 12 impressions before someone makes a buying decision for a major purchase, especially in the home improvement industry. Those 12 impressions don’t necessarily mean seeing your name or logo.

Let’s use the example of buying a new roof:

  1. Neighbor gets a new roof, I see sign in yard or truck, makes me think I might need one.
  2. I look into roofing in general online, maybe I look into how long my roof should last.
  3. I get a flyer in my mailbox advertising a roofing sale.
  4. I ask neighbor about their roof replacement & I look at the company they used online.
  5. I do a general search of roofing companies near me and scroll through options, perhaps click on the map that comes up or a site like YP.com where many sites are listed.
  6. I speak to my husband about it.
  7. I read some information about roofing on Houzz or another site that isn’t a roofing company.
  8. I read some more information because I’m considering architectural because I now have 3 tab.
  9. I so a focused search like roofers in my city, I check out a few companies.
  10. I share with husband the couple I like best.
  11. Interview/get quotes
  12. Check references/licensing/BBB/reviews etc


Of course this is quite hypothetical and there might be only 8 or 10 or there might be 15 different impressions. The point is having a great website doesn’t cut it. You need to be found in more than one place. Make sure you have social media accounts for all outlets that make sense for your business. Make sure you are properly listed in every possible directory. Find local, low cost advertising opportunities – some of my favorite are those that support the community like the high school football program or the the local little league. Find something that you connect to and that means something to you.

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