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Google has had many names for this page over the years. Currently they’re calling it Google My Business although in some places it’s still referred to as Google+. Let’s tackle why it’s important to have your Google My Business Page optimized. In most searches, seven businesses come up on the map that Google inserts into the search. If you can be found there, your chances of getting clicked on increase dramatically. Also, if someone does chose to click on your profile rather than your URL you want them to find current and accurate information. If you aren’t familiar with Your Google+ Local page, it has 3 primary tabs. We’re going to focus on the one called About.

I’d like to share with you one of the better profiles and it has nothing to do with home improvement. This is a restaurant I found on search in the “seven pack” while in the DC area.

Stone's Cove

Take a look at your Google Plus profile and compare it to this one. Is there a photo in both the round circle and in the larger area to the right?  Do the photos accurately reflect my business and is it clear who we are? Is my address and phone number current? Is my URL showing? Does Google know what my primary business is (Should be right below the URL and above the hours) Are your hours correct? You might need to check this each day or simply login to correct this information.

Here is the second half of the page for Stone’s Cove –

stones listing info

Scroll down the page, what about the map, does it accurately depict where your office is?  Have you uploaded photos (Photos are the third tab of the page but show up on the primary page as well)? Put a few pictures of your team, put a few completed jobs, add a nice shot of your office. Let people know you are real. Do you have reviews? Have you been asking for them? Believe it or not, Google does use these reviews to weight how you are displayed.

Having a complete and accurate Google+ listing is just one step that helps you get found on Google. If you’d like some help with your online marketing so that you get found online, feel free to contact us either through the link at the top of the page or by giving us a call at 703-334-6521 or 727-967-2025.

Good luck!