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Each month I spend many hours learning about changes in the way things work online and reading blogs about best practices. I also collaborate with a team of people who do the same thing I do for other small businesses across the country. One of the ongoing topics is how can we help our clients create website traffic that converts to customers. This past week one of my fellow small business marketers talked about success that a client had with Groupon helps seoGroupon and I thought I’d pass their idea along to you. This particular client was a home improvement contractor, mostly focusing on roofing. He set up a Groupon for $150 that had a $300 value, so a 50% savings (please remember every business is different and every one of you has a different services and pricing model so just take this as an example). This deal included a compete roof inspection and formal write up of the roof’s condition that could be used in the future if there was storm damage to prove that at the time of inspection the roof was in good condition. It also included cleaning of gutters, a job no one wants to do. He also said that the $150 would be applied as a credit against any roof replacement or repair totaling over $1500. This may sound like it’s going to cost you a lot of money but the client stated that the number of roofs inspected that had actual damage that needed repairs ended up netting him many leads at a low cost.

living social logoThink about your business and what services you offer. Can you set up a service oriented Groupon or Living Social deal that will appeal to many people and also provide you with either immediate additional work, leads for the future or just a good contact that now has a trusted friend in whatever your industry may be? You might be surprised and what you can offer that may initially be a loss leader but in the long run benefit your business.

Other than leads, how can this benefit you? Remember one of the things that influences your Google ranking is back linking. Groupon puts your website on their site so you get a very high quality back link. Secondly, many people will click on your site even if they don’t buy the Groupon. This helps because now you have your name in front of someone new and secondly it sends traffic to your site. More traffic from your local area is a good thing to Google which can, in turn, help your rankings as well.

Perhaps Groupon and Living Social aren’t the right way to send traffic to your site but if you want to talk about something that will work for you, we’re happy to help. Just give us a call and we can discuss a marketing plan for your business. We can be reached at 703-334-6521 or 727-967-2025.